Top 5 Common Myths about Hemp

Cannabis has been making headlines with CBD oil and other hemp products. Over the Christmas holiday, cannabis related gifts were flying off the shelves in some parts of the country. Granted, some were for recreational use but not all. Maybe you were lucky enough to receive some in your stocking! And, if you have Facebook you have probably seen your friends discussing its uses in your news feed. Even the local pharmacy and health food stores are advertising CBD products in most states these days. The hype is growing and catching on everywhere.

Here are the top five myths about hemp:

  1. Hemp and Marijuana are the Same Plants.
  2. Hemp can make You high
  3. Hemp is Only Good for Epilepsy.
  4. Hemp Can Be Used to Clean the Soil.
  5. Hemp is Illegal in the United States.

Source: Vitaleaf Naturals

that is a good one

  1. hemp and marijuana are the same plant
  2. the amount makes the poison
  3. it is good for so many more things
  4. pretty sure you can make a broom, and clean the soil. although that is not what is meant. the speed at witch it grows makes it a good plant to get heavy metals out of the soil in short time,just like sunflowers.
  5. Not sure, if it is the plant or the psychoactive compound listed as illegal…

You can make a really strong rope with it, thats why old time sailors smoked rope! AARRGGG Matey.