Took off too many leaves


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

trimmed my plant before reading the entire thing. I know I took off too many leaves. What do I do now? My plants are in a green house Waaaaaa help? Xoxo COLLEEN


Be patient you’ll be surprised how resilient these plants are…she’ll grow back plenty more…post a pic if possible



First I would like to welcome you to our world of growing here at ILGM
We are all glad for you that you had chosen us and we hope you will stay and join our community

No worries, what @WillyJ said is very true they will come back and look like nothing ever ha[[end if there young older plants most likely won’t.

Will joint



Thanks for your help. I have no idea what I’m doing lol


Welcome to the forum, @Colleenhh! Are you reading the Grow Bible? If not, you should definitely make some time to do so, it will help immensely! Also, reading through the grow journals here will help you to learn from other’s mistakes. Happy growing! :smiley:


I have and re read. Will re re read again. Ha. Thanks


They look good…those leaves will fill right back in…welcome to the forum lots of good people hear willing to help…read up plenty of info to be had and people will jump right in and explain things to you if you want…read up on low stress training (lst) it will help them bush out some for you…best of luck and happy growing @Colleenhh


Thank you ! So nice of you to help !


You’re welcome… anytime…:grinning:


Welcome!!! @Colleenhh I agree with @WillyJ they look happy and healthy and if you keep doin what you been doin she is gonna fill out nice.!!


Hi! How will I know when to pick? They really stink, I’m getting concerned that someone will see.


Still too many new pistols, white hairs
When they start turning brown get a 60-90 x’s microscope and look at the trics
That’s the best indication to go by.
When the mushroom head on the trics are all cloudy that’s peak thc!


What is a mushroom head?


Looks like you got some time to go… how long have they been flowering? Like @Nug-bug said you want the pistils to turn color…do you have a magnifier? Check the trichomes…they are the sticky stuff that resembles sugar…they will have a little ball at the top hence “mushroom head” the little ball if clear not ready… if cloudy ready when they start to turn amber more couch lock effect I usually go for about 20% Amber. it’s all preference when they start to turn cloudy on the effect you want…if you search trichomes on here you should find a lot of info that will explain it better… :grinning:


Hi and thank you. I stared them on September 19,2017.
Seems like a long time. Is that normal? I’m growing to get higher CBD so I won’t ( hopefully) have to stay on opioids.
Thanks for your help again!


Yes if your outside if you started at the beginning of your growing season…I hope you get what you hoping for…


Is this bud ROT? One is like this but the other isn’t ? Should I cut plant or just that bud ?
Can you still dry and use or discard ? Ahhhhh !!! @WillyJ @ILGM.Support.Claire @ILGM.Support.Claire


Ps the plant in the back is Citronella half dead


Unfortunately yes looks like bud rot from what I can see…how far along are they? Remove that plant first carefully put a bag over it and seal at bottom then remove from area…if you can I suggest you carefully remove the uninfected plant first and set aside…you don’t want spores from infected plant landing on the other plant… @Colleenhh