Took Clone From Female Plant and Now it Looks Like it has Seeds and Some Pistols

So some details:

1.They don’t hang down like pollen sacks, but look similar enough for me to be unsure.
2. They don’t look like bananas but look like they could grow into them potentially.
3. I’m a first time grower.

So my parents brought home some weed seeds when they went to Jamaica and we planted one in the back yard. My dad wanted to experiment with that one as I am doing the indoor grow. He was trying some LST and I guess he moved whatever he had tied the string to and snapped the plant (though it probably would’ve had a chance at survival because it wasn’t clean through). In a fit of rage he tore it out of the ground and threw his baby into the cold, hard cement of my garage. I went out to try to see if I could perform an emergency surgery and salvage a clone. I ended up with 2 clones that survived and are rooting a ton but haven’t grown noticeably at all. The plant was in mid vegetative stage when it was defiled. About a week has gone by and now I had an alarming discovery that looks like there are these seed or ball things. I don’t think they are balls. There are pistils too. More than it seems like there should be in vegetative state. And I’m not sure why there would be balls at this point? They are so small. I know the clones are the same age as the parent, but the parent wasn’t flowering and since then I have had them in 18/6 lighting, though very distant. Here is a picture.

I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!

P.S. I feel like the picture makes them look more like bananas than they do in real life. I can try to post another picture if you think it’d be helpful.

@Myfriendis410 , Sorry to bug you, but I was wondering if you’ve had experience with this issue? I don’t know if I should put the clones back in the tent with the others or keep them separate

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It’s a hermaphrodite. If you don’t want your other plants to get pollinated by this I would destroy it immediately.


Yep, it’s a hermie. @Myfriendis410 is right, kill it before it does damage to other plants.


@Myfriendis410 @raustin Thanks guys! That’s what I was afraid of. Would it still be risky to move those outside while my other plants grow indoors? I’ve read the pollen can supposedly travel miles so I guess I’d assume it could easily float on my clothes when I’m outside and then get on the plants next time I open the tent.

Tomorrow I will try to have you look at a picture of the other one if you don’t mind to see if that one is a hermaphrodite as well. I was hoping to get something from the killed plant. But I guess sometimes you just gotta take the loss.


Sorry my friend take the loss play t.a.p.s n lay he/she to rest r.i.p


I’m sorry, but I think you should just take the loss. You’re right about the pollen traveling miles and getting on your clothes, that’s why we kill the males. It’s just too risky. Tag me if you want to sex your other plants.


Also; other outdoor growers in your neighborhood (and believe me there are) will curse your name if you leave a male outside to propagate unknown guerilla grows around…


Thank you all! I guess I will give it a viking funeral, minus the boat and the water. I’d hate to destroy someone else’s babies. I have seen at least one other grow set up in my neighborhood in an open garage.

Regarding the other clone, I only see pistils. No balls yet. But when someone with a phone gets home I will try to get a picture (been without a cell phone for a year).

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