Took bud and tried to put back in veg

Can anybody tell me what is goin on with this plant we were trying a method shown by hillcrest were he took a bud in flower and put. It back in veg state but didn’t come out right looking really strange hoping hillcrest will see this and answer this for me

If you want him to see it tag him dude

@iceberg how long has it been back in veg? cuz they will look like that all funky 1 leaved 2 leaved and all sorts of weird things until it has enough time to actually revert back to veg and then it will start to look like a typical plant again … 18 / 6 light schedule should do it…


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Thks for reaching out

Little over eight weeks


@iceberg here is a pic of some clones that I took at like 4 1/2 weeks into flower and they have been in veg for about 6 weeks maybe and there just starting to look like normal plants…

Also your plants look a Lil over watered and a Lil angry so you might want to check your pH…



were they flowering clones you put back in veg or is this a whole plant your trying to reveg.they like funky dont know.

Flowering clones I see couple other post that this is normal looks kinda mutant how long before looks like a plant