Too tall question

So in my 3rd grow I have made several errors that are going to be lessons learned. However my question is how to handle a plant that has grown taller than the light? I have a 4x4x80 with my SF2000 light at maximum height. Do I just wait it out or sacrifice the main cola to redirect to the secondary ones. At start of week 5 flower.

@MrPeat may have dealt with this before.

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For now it looks like the close proximity is not affecting it. I have 2 fans criss crossing keeping temps below 75 with CO2 exhale.


Looking good ! hard to complain about having a monster plant .but I would gently pull and tie some limbs down give it space to finish.

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I see the pic now.

I would tie it down somehow, though it looks like she may still stretch a bit.

If using CO2 you will want to run your temps a little higher and get as much light on her as possible so she can use the supplemental CO2.


I’m with @FlxerPower really should hear from @MrPeat he can help subdue a monster. I wish I had that problem. If you can find his journal I have seen ropes and straps all over his because of size or just weight of the branches.


@tangman. You can bend her over as @FlxerPower said and tie off to a lower part of the main stem. If you gently work the stem between your fingers it will soften enough to allow the bend without breaking.
I’ve had to tie them over myself in flower.
Got a sour diesel now that’s bent.

Just take your time and you should be good.


I have dealt with this on more than one occasion. You can bend the top branches for one. When it heals up the flower can grow from the bottom up. The weight of the flower will keep it from growing back up straight.

Secondly you can spread them out using Paracord attached to some plastic bottles with some water in it. This will cause the plant to spread out. I separate the paracord down to the major strands. See photo below.

This is why I don’t recommend growing monsters at first. They can throw major tantrums when they are not happy. You need to be on top of your game and practice makes perfect.

Here is one photo that I did.

As you can see, she is a monster. So big that she had almost 2 feet growing out of the tent. She was well over 7 feet tall and over 8 feet wide.

This is major light burn that I learned from. I can’t find the good picture of light burn but here is a small sample Pic below.image

I’ve also used zip ties with a Scrog setup but with no net. This helped support my beasts. I will say this is one of you plants may not get enough light and she will be like a limp ramen noodle.
First grow journal

Second Grow Journal

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Hey guys it’s day 32 for my Moby dick plants life cycle and I’m wondering when should I switch to bloom cycle

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If it’s auto flower there is nothing you have to do from what I read. Just remember if is a photo, it doubles in height when switched. If you wait to long you end up with the problem that I currently have.


I got auto flower but my lights have two different cycles bloom and veg so you telling me it doesn’t matter if I switch it to bloom

No you will end up with this mess.

I don’t Veg and I run 12/12 the entire plant life cycle. :+1::+1::+1:

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I would let the experienced guys confirm but personally after my research I would have both on.

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I just saw a video myself and was thinking of doing same thing

You really need excellent lighting to pull off what I do. :+1:

Also remember not to tip it over, it would suck to be the guy rescued after several day trapped under a monster that fell over on you. Would have to smoke your way to freedom.:joy::joy::joy:

So have both veg and bloom lights on ND let it do what it do?

Yeah @Dellgrower420 lights won’t make a difference on an auto, it’s based on time not light.

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I’ve entered the Regular Arena so I am learning Autoa now. I prefer photos due to the control one has over it. :+1::+1::+1:

So I would cut the cieling out and hang the lights on the next floor up! :laughing: honestly though, bend them and tie em down. Ive seen guys tie plants to other plant pots in a criss cross fashion. Really you should grow shorter weed by training wide from the beginning or doing the sea of green thing. Should be good weed though! You might consider moving to a house with 10 foot ceilings! Then you bend over 12 foot plants instead :laughing: