Too Soon to Worry?

Gorilla Glue started 06/20/21 Fox Farm soil in 3-gal fabric grow pot. Fox Farm Grow Big 3-tsp per Gallon
Water is filtered using a Berkey system with a PH 6.8 Delivered by auto every other day the grow big is on the off days via a water can.
When I was getting the auto water set up, I accidentally ended up I guess flushing some of the plants. With nothing better to do with my time I thought I would check the PH using a slurry mix that showed a 5.50 PH and a TDS of 0772
So is it too soon to worry about the PH? This is my first grow, and I would hate for this to go bad and end up with a pile of dead leaves. Do I need PH-UP or Cal-Mag. Thank You


It’s never too soon to worry about pH. If you flushed, just follow it up with 1/2 strength nutes then go back to your regular schedule. With low ph like that you could top dress with lime or wood ash… just don’t overdo it. Wait a few days and check again before making additional adjustments.

Some people feed with a solution of a little higher ph but I prefer to do it through amendments. That’s just me - I’m sure others will have great advice!

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Thank You
I thought I had the auto water device fixed but I discovered a siphon issue and flushed a couple more plants by mistake

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