Too soon to top again?


Topped on October 2nd. Plant is now on second nodes after top. Can I top these two or too early? Don’t want to go crazy these two tops would be last on this one.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

I haven’t double topped my plants yet but just thinking back to everything I read, I thought even for a second top or FIM one needed at least 4-5 nodes. I do not know this from personal experience however so wait a bit for the big guns to weigh in.


Thanks @FreakyDeekie that was what I thought too but couldn’t recall. I think I may just be getting overly anxious :sunglasses:

At the pace of this one I’ll probably only have to wait a couple more weeks. I want to SCroG this one so I should be waiting anyway.


You should be able to top all your tops every 3 to 5 days depending on growth and feeding schedule… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Oh sweet, thanks @peachfuzz :blush:


Not sure if doing two at a time was wise but hey that’s how we learn :sunglasses:. Topped this morning time will tell.


I think the number of nodes before initial topping has to do with the age of the plant and it’s ability to recover. For future snips, I think you just need to wait until you have 2 shoots appearing above a node.


Ok, I wasn’t sure - I was in information overload lol. Since these are bag seeds I said F it need to learn before my ILGM seeds arrive. :slight_smile:


Best way to learn! I think it’s like learning on a stick-shift, then getting an automatic…


I top my ladies almost weekly from seedlings after first topping but mainly based on growth rates I do so to create clones which means a need for viable branches. Since I am doing so to make clones I don’t worry about plants having too many tops for it to easily support and provide energy for or spindly limbs which don’t support big kolas