Too soon to tell sex?

We’re 41 days from sprout… Showing signs or no?

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How many hours of light a day does it get?

18hrs of light

Very close I would say. Mine just showed theirs at day 48 ir 49. I am sure those little white pistils will be showing on yours very soon by the looks of it.

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To find out the sex change it to 12/12 and about two weeks later it’ll show sex. Also just as a gauge for when to flip, if you look in pic 1 how the branches come out directly across from each other? Ideally you flip to 12/12 when those come out staggered from each other. That is sexual maturity and tells you it’s ready to be flipped but you can flip before that.


I’m hoping it’s pistils. :blush: I ordered fem seeds so no more of this the wait sucks lol. It’s getting stinkier by the day :joy:

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Those are your calyxes. Your sex organs will come from that after you flip the lights.

I would just assume they are feminized plants then. Too early to tell by sight tight now.

The one in the picture is a bag seed. My fem seeds should arrive today. :grinning: Thank you

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You know what happens when you assume :wink:

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Be patient, soon the secret will be out, and your plant will come out of the closet! It could be gay?

Really? No cross dressers…gays…or males

Are you saying branching structure in pic 1 is opposite and when more mature will become alternate?

Yes the branches of each node won’t be directly across but staggered a bit when it reaches sexual maturity

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Thisbis what your plant as a girl will look like, it will show this or boy parts, no matter if you change the lighting from 18/6 to 12/12 or not at sexual maturity.
Once these are visible your plant can make buds and even get pregnant!

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Yes, when I assume I’m usually right lol. Different for you?


Moving along…looks promising :crossed_fingers:

Mine did this and a week later they popped out pistils. It is a beautiful thing!

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Staggered branches and pistil hairs

Still no difference. I’m feeling deflated can’t get pH to stay up. Testing the waters before input is fine just the runoff is what the problem is.