Too smelly or perfect?

Hello! I just finished my grow a couple weeks ago, I had 2 Blue Dreams, 2 Gorillas Glues and 1 MK Ultra. This was my first grow and im super new to all of this. They didnt harvest as much as i was hoping for but my question comes to, are they supposed to smell very strong? I have them in half gallon mason jars and i burp them once a day. Opening the mason jars they smell so strong. They each have there own scent. I was talking with a fellow grower and she was showing me her harvest and when opening her jars the smell was good but it wasnt really a punch in the face like mine. Also they werent really sticky and mine it kinda stays stuck to your fingers a bit. She couldnt really answer as to why mine smell really strong but I just wanted to know if the strong smell is a bad thing? I have 62% boveda packets in there and the temperature is always about 70 degrees. If it is a mistake on my part is there anyway to kinda help it? I know its the end of the process but im just hoping my whole grow wasnt a waste. Anyways thanks for any help in advance. Hope everyones grows are doing great!! :v:

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Sounds like it smells amazing! Haha. Some smoke can smell stronger then others. As long as the rh was not too high when started the cure i would not worry much. A pic would help bc if u had some bud rot it could put off a unwanted smell and u would not want to smoke it. If its just some great smoke…well hats off to you for your first run. Ive heard the boveda packs can suck the terps away so be alert to that, ive got 62 % as well but have not used them yet. Been lucky enough on the time each time to not use them. I shoot for 64 to 65 % range and burp daily untill the 58 to 62% range that is preferred.

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@dannyoz66 good for you lol!! Dank bud is just your terpene profile talking to you. Your friends can be just as, if not more, potent, it’ll all depend on what genetics you both cultivated. I’ve smoked some quiet bud that was way LOUD….


Her stuff was amazing! I think thats why i got a little nervous cause i was like, oh no mine smells strong hopefully its not bad haha hoping in a couple weeks I can try mine out and see what happens :grimacing:

I’m always looking for the stankiest, overpowering terpene profile I can get. I love Sour Diesel: sour fruit and fuel just does it for me haha. Assuming no mildew or mold, sounds like you did a great job.