Too small? Still going to grow?

Hey all. First time grower. Got 5 ilgm blueberry autos going. On day 40 today from putting seeds in pots. They seem healthy, they smell good, started flowering.

Everywhere I look for comparisons at 40 days show plants much bigger than mine. My lst is nooby, canopies not even.

Growing in happy frog. Gave general hydroponics micro, grow, bloom for the first time a week ago along with cal mag.

Are they going to get bigger at this point? Or just fill out more. Disappointed mine don’t look like these monster colas I see in peoples pictures…lol but I’m a noob so didn’t expect to knock it out of the park first try


Plant envy is real! However, your plants look beautiful to me! I figure as we all learn more and more the sexier our plants will be!


They will surprise you.

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Your plants look just fine for that age. Mine have been at both extremes. I still haven’t had what I would call huge but they have been pretty consistent at 1/4 lb per plant finished buds.


They still have a stretch ahead and theyll 1.5-2x in size, if you want bigger then you should look into coco coir, mr fulvic, zeus juice, fish sh!t, and i also like to preload with old truck nutrients and diatomaceous earth

Here’s what you may have ahead of you. Day 30, and day 49 (plant on right).


This is a gnomo auto at 35 days but this is a short fast plant

Your plants look great they will probably double in size at this point. Good luck

Dont try and judge your plants from someone elses. Thats like trying to fly by flapping your arms the same way a bird flaps its wings. Every plant is unique.

You look to be in transition so

Of course they dont, your not at the stage where you have cola’s yet.
Here is a pic of one of my “small” plants to inspire you

Much like people, its best to judge their life at the end, not the middle.


My plants weren’t no bigger than that on day 40 but then they took hit that stretch

That was 40 days

This is at 65 days

This was at 100 days


Oh wow. Guess there’s a lot of growth to come. Thanks for the pics. Didn’t realize they could pop that much in a short time lol. If they even end up half of that I would be happy for my first time.


Little update. They really didn’t get too much bigger but man it’s exciting coming home every night to look at them lol. Can’t believe i never started growing until now.



They look good! How does it smell? I’m growing blueberry autos as well, still a little baby at the moment but I’m excited

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Smell great. Glad I picked it for my first grow. Blueberry was my favorite back when I was younger

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Solid plants. Buds should get fat. Well done. You are 1 of us now. Accept it and have fun. There is no escape. You have crossed over.



One of us, one of us, one of us!

See that there, call that praying up. Says she is a happy lady, its not the size of your lady, its how you keep her! You are keeping her well. Good job growmie!

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You know what’s funny about that one……I actually broke the main cola off while trying to lst it lol. I freaked out and duct taped it together and it survived. But ever since I broke the cola off, the leaves started pointing upward, even at night.

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Haha yea I crossed. Already got the next set of autos going, along with a few photos

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Looks like you are doing great man