Too short Flowering Stage


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Although a gardener for years, this is my first grow. Planted California Dream fem seeds 86 days ago today is day 36 in Flowering stage.
Top buds appear to be ready for harvesting. Is this possible? I tried using loupe but I could not be sure. Images seem to show the “T’s” are cloudy. Or, are they cloudy and clear? Plants are growing in City Picker Box inside MarsHydro 2.3’x2.3’ grow tent with their dimmable grow lights. I have been able to keep optimum humidity and heat levels.


Looks fantastic. I believe you have some time still. You need a jewelers loupe to inspect the tricombs for proper doneness. Those buds should fatten up nicely…Perhaps some defoliating to bring more light to the other bud sites.

Thanks! I have been defoliating but see what you are talking about. More need to be trimmed away. I have a jeweler’s loupe but for the life of me I had a difficult time determining if they were clear, cloudy or combination of both. They say practice makes perfect…

They will get cloudy with a chance of meatballs! Lol… I mean, some will turn amber in color. If you’re not seeing any amber you’re not done yet. Read up on just how much amber you like.

NO. You are maybe half way.
This is an AK-47 just about ready to harvest. Mostly cloudy with some clear and a few amber

The buds will fill out more with very few white pistils. Most will be brown and drawn into the fat calyx


NICE! Thanks for pics and info. The scrog net I ordered didn’t arrive in time. Learning as I go and quickly determined only one plant grown in self-contained grow box in a 2.3x2.3 grow tent!

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Thanks! I have been watching those “How to” videos and reading lots of blogs. Definitely don’t want many amber “meatballs.”

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A lot of your pistols (the long hairs)are still white. Wait until they all turn orange and recede. That’s the time when you want to look at your tricombs. Also be sure you are looking at the tricombs on the bud and not the leaves

Thanks for the helpful info. I was looking at the “T” on leaves.

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Thanks for everyone’s input. The vegetative stage was pretty much straight forward with only one small minor hiccup that I was able to quickly attend to. I have read that the flowering stage can be challenging and less forgiving. Maybe it’s beginner’s luck but so far the two girls seem to be doing well on their own for the most part. They certainly grow like a weed. I have ordered a digital microscope, early birthday present, that should be a better option for me to monitor the trichomes.

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I received the digital microscope and it proved to be a worthless piece of junk. I got far better zoomed in images using my iPhone 12Pro. I did pull out the Vivosun Jewelry Loupe and practiced. Finally got my eyes/hands/loupe in sync and WOW, could see the dazzling display of crystals! Even tried some digiscoping by handholding phone’s camera lens against the loupe. The loupe has 3 different LED light settings that gave off different color hues.

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I have discovered that my two girls consume a lot of water during the flowering stage, noticeably more than the vegetative stage, much like cucumber and tomato plants with ripening fruit.

Mine are planted in the self-contained grow box with about a 3-gal reservoir that I would top off once a week. Their intake has at least doubled now that they are approaching 7 weeks in flowering stage. Today (June 19) is day 45. Buds are fattening up and full of clear crystal trichomes that dazzle like diamonds under the lights. I have used a less is more approach to my first grow and so far I’m pleased with the results. It does start with good seed (California Dream fem from ILGM) and growing medium. The self-contained growing method has worked quite well although I recommend one plant per one box if growing in only a 2.3x2.3’ grow tent!