Too much water? Light?

Here are three pics. curled leaves is Blueberry. Brown on leaf is OG and the good looking gal is Lemon haze. All mostly indica. Why is the one curling, why is one browning? These girls have been hanging out together in the same place. How come two of the girls look road hard and put away wet? Did those two party more than the other? The are getting 24 hour light from a HLG 260 watt QB turned on at half about 8 inches away. plants were domed with a baggie. Temp was 70
Thanks for the feedback!


For seedlings on my hlg I have them all the way down and sitting at 30". Could be too much light for them. What soil and nutes are you using?

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I have a little bit of kind soil on the bottom (1/3) of a solo cup the rest Fox Farms Light Warrior Seed starter. All the way down? The light turned all the way down?

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Yes my driver is adjustable from 50-100%. I meant at 50% power. Light warrior is good for seedlings. The kind soil just depends on what the npk values are. I would say try getting your light at 30 and not 8" would help. Especially if you have them in a dome. They can steam cook if your light is too close.

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yep I’m at 50% also but I was real close. I moved it away.

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Looks like you’re covered here.

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Looks like the soil is very wet. How much are you water?

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Clear cups are not the best for seedlings (or any stage of growth). The roots turn away from light and may not develop as well.

Kind soil will certainly be too hot for any seedlings. They carry their own supply of food and don’t need anything but water for the first week or two (until they develop their real leaves). Fortunately it’s just at the bottom.

Sounds like you’re getting good lighting advice.

At this point don’t mist the seedling. Just the soil and the dome.