Too much vacuum in room

Hi fellas,

I ve been ruunning one issue in my growing tent.

Here is the deal,

I have small room dedicated for growing tent which covers 1/3 of the room.

I have small smart device which controls air with portable AC. I setup the system to 25degrees (which is optimal temprature). If room temperature goes under or above 2 degrees, Portable AC (cooler) or Heater works accordingly. when room temperature gets optimized (hits 25degree), heater or cooler stops working.

Problem starts here,

Place that I live in, is really hot. Summer just started and I see 35degrees in my tent. Couple of months later it will be even worse.

My portable AC gives cool air to the room (18degree) until it optimizes the tent temperature(25degree), and its’ exhaust goes out from window without any leak. btw AC vacuums air from room.

However, I have timelapse video from inside of my tent, tent temperature nevers goes down. temperature changes according to outside temprature. btw tent has proper in-fan and carbon out fan.

What I think about the reason, there is slight vacuum that I felt in the room. Especially when I try to close the room door. Vacuum happens because of Portable AC and Tent. they vacuum air constantly from different parts of the room. that is why I cannot control the temperature.

I dont have a chance to put ac outside of the room and for sure I need that AC. :frowning:

thanks for the helps in advance #420community

@yavbully I should recommend get a fan and open you tent for vent in and out

Good look