Too Much, Too Fast?

One of my girls. She’s 4 weeks old.

I topped her above the 4th node about 5 days ago. The new mains have come along nicely.

Today I trimmed her down. The only foliage remaining is the set of leaves from the 4th node and the growth from the 2 mains.

I’ll be able to tell myself by looking at the plant in 24 hours, but in the meantime; I thought I’d ask the wisdom trust here: is it too much too fast?

I would guess it’s not an auto? If it is a photo you should be fine, plenty of time to recover.

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Topping and main lining just takes extra time to recover.

Think of it like this

Light stress training (lst) = fast recovery

High stress training (hst) = slow recovery

Should be fine, they are weeds and want to grow, resilient little buggers.

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