Too much to trim

So say I’ve got too many plants to trim all in a day… they’ve been in the dark for 48 hours… should I just leave them in the dark and get to them when I get to them or cut them all at the base, hang them and trim them as I get to them?

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Whatever works for you. Either will get you where you want to go. I usually just stagger them.

I like to trim wet, but as you’re now experiencing, sometimes there’s more than you can get to.
When I chop a plant (usually at 4am-5am because of my dark cycle) I put it in a bucket of water and leave it in the dark until the next day when I can get to it. The plant stays fresh like a vase of flowers and I can trim at my leisure.


I seen on u tube a guy in canada just left them in the dark and dried the plant completely in the pot :scream: i guess what i am saying is get to them when you can. Not going to loose anything either way. Mr canuck did this