Too much sunlight

Where I live (So. California) we get 12 hrs or more sunlight from mid March and it doesn’t drop below 12 hours until late September. If I plant in March must I wait until late fall before sunlight drops low enough to induce flowering?

Roughly end of August so roughly end of summer they will start to flower

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean I should delay planting until late August?

No he’s saying if they are outdoors they will start to flower towards end of august naturally when the sun transitions from summer hours towards fall hours
Hope this help you

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Start in march they’ll finish in September or october

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Yes that is correct.


Lol was that referring to me being correct lol, cause in California August is waaay to late to plant outdoors lol

Well that’s what he was referring to I just aggred with his question lol

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You can always force flowering early outdoors, but only if your up to all the extra work, and unless you have a motor powered roof/greenhouse! :joy_cat: