Too much rain at once?

Got alot of rain yesterday. Checked my girls today and they are all looking yellow like the picture shows. Could this be from the rain?

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Could be Cal Mg deficiency, try Epsom salt.

Almost looks like an iron deficiency to me. Don’t see that very often.

Definitely a deficiency in the soil of some sort. With all the fresh rain water is may of cleanse the soil and stripped most of the nutrients.

Sprinkle some epsom salt as directed on the soil, then add some granulated tomato food and scratch it in. This is only a repair… not a recipe. Those foods should give a dose of the minerals and micro nutes you seek. After that, I would recommend you employ seaweed and kelp extract, some comfry tea… ifbyou knoenof anyone growing that plant, look up comfry tea… it will definitely help. If you can use teas ads its immediately available. If none of this is working, you should have your soil tested for ph and make up at your local farm AG.
I use regular farm soil… nothing special. I use comfry tea every 3 weeks, seaweed and kelp extract with humic acid every 3 weeks and thats pretty much it. Plants love it :grinning:

Seriously though, look up comfry tea. It grows stupid fast and easy, the tea is really easy to make. Its a full meal for cannabis.