Too much of a good thing or not enough

autoflower Black widow about a month and a half to two months old on 1212 just starting to Bud. Here’s my issue leaves are turning black stems are purplish red

Ph in the root zone is probably tanking on you at this stage. I would flush out the soil with water ph’d to 6.5 until the runoff is back in range.


Have you flushed them at all during your grow? I’ve learned I had been needing to do so at least 3x during a grow as I believe I was getting nutrient lockout. Like a layer of salt had settled in the soil and was blocking the roots from soaking up water and nutrients.
I purchased “Sledgehammer” from Fox Farm. I do 2 gallons (mixed) of that and at least 4-5 more gallons each of regular water PH’d to around 7.0. Huge difference in quality and quantity since doing so.
My problems kept showing up in the last 4-5 weeks. Hope this helps.