Too much nutrients?

A question from a fellow grower:

You can see they are very faint signs but something is happening. Some leaves are super dark, maybe too much nitro, and others have those light spots on them.

Also I gave them 10-10-10 on Jan 1 when I replanted them. But I mixed it into the soil. So I would not be surprised if I mixed poorly and a few are just packed with nutrients while others are low. Ive read the guides several times and love them. I was gonna go pick up a test kit for the next watering and some ph water or whatever it is. But as I test the ph and nutrient levels I read I think in your book to water till 10-20% comes out, that sound right?

nutrient burn-too much nutrients, will show first sign in tips of leaves.
i dont see that in your pics at all.

knowing your Ph is crucial. so getting that test kit is great idea.
the small signs of stress, could be Ph related.

the swollen/puffy look of leaves leads me to think it may have been over-watered.
having done this several times myself. i know how easy it is to think it needs water incorrectly.

Plant look normal !!! just don’t use nutrients at full amounts now - use 1/8 to 1/4 amounts and increase each week thereafter until desired NPK. Do you use a root stimluator?

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No I don’t have a root stimulator. Also I’m not adding any nutrients. I mixed in a 10-10-10 when I repotted. Also tested my tap Ph and found its a 9!! Fixed that to a 5.5 watered and got a 6-6.5 coming out of the run off. Most look way better!! Yay! But a few are still stressed. Next watering I was gonna test each of the worst looking ones run off to see how they are and try to adjust. This is my largest grow so it will be interesting to see how I do. I grew all through high school and part of college where I studied plant biology. But that was almost ten years ago now and I haven’t touched a plant since then.

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new growth looking good !!! and one has to use with what one has . Many cultivators spend too much money when starting - one all ways “up-dates” after every grow. Like you said “experience” is what counts - thanks for sharing

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Awesome thanks! Somebody told me bottled water is good for watering plants. I’ve never tried it. Have you heard of anybody using it before

Yes ! it will work - Generally use de-natured water (water let set out for 24hr’s) no cost and easy

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I got 2.5 gallons of distilled water from Arrowhead. Should I let that sit outfit 24 hours, fix the Ph to 6-6.5 then water? Bc I heard distilled was best but the Ph rises a little when left out

No need to - it’s just when you use your home’s "tap’ water. I’m sure you will find what works for you. One always adjusts “ph” when time of water and feeding nutrients. If you use “PH” perfect nutrient , you will never have to adjust water, ect again . Just think no more up or down !!!

Awesome thank you!

ever consider “PH” perfect nutrient’s --never no more “PH” up or down -never check ph again

No I haven’t. I’m using dr.earths organic 5-5-5 all purpose vegetable garden stuff. I mixed in when I replanted. What’s a good example of one I can get for vegging and flowering. For vegging I’d like to mix in, then for flowering I’d flush what ever is left and water in the flowering nutes. Thanks Stevens you’re awesome

Just watered today. Ph came out good can’t wait till tomorrow to see the new growth!


Great looking “babies” keep use posted -!!!

I can’t remember if I ever had branches grow out of the first set of leaves, or have the cotolydens stay this long without dying a dropping off. I’m doing something right this time and I’d like to thank you all! Specially Robert for the guide!

Here are some pics of the signs I’ve been having. I know it’s lacking something. Guessing magnesium manganese and/or sulfur. Thanks and much love