Too much nutes or not enough? Need help

My outdoor plants are in 7 gallon fabric pots with soil. I have several plants that look like they may have a phosphorus issue my super skunks and amnesia haze both have a blueish tinge to them and the new growth is real lime green and growing real thin blades also very small and slow. I’m using fox farms grow big right now. I live in az and it’s HOT so I’m watering twice a day on my skunks I water until it drains in the morning and by 3pm they are dry and hanging a bit and I water again. So they get nutes about every three days water water nutes… water water nutes. My question is, is my plant deficient or getting too much and of what? I’ll post pictures the best I could take but they are a bluish green and darker. In one picture you can see the darker plant next to one that is doing good.

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I really don’t see anything wrong with your plants. They look real healthy.

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I have never had them turn this dark before so I’m just worried I’m over doing it with the nutes

I have just never seen my plants get this dark before and I’m worried I’m giving to much.

Nahh that’s the perfect shade of green if they turn waxy looking then its nitrogen toxicity but it sounds like you might’ve been under feeding them before. Also remember all strains are slight different 2 /8 of my strains are slightly lighter then the rest

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They look good, not really seeing an issue

Whatever you’re doing, stick with it.

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Alright will do thank you!


My Super Skunk was the same way. She was so green a lot of people were saying I was doing it wrong. I defoliated her until about halfway through flower and not one of her leafs faded during the grow.

I haven’t weighed the harvest yet, but I’m looking at about 7-9 ounces. A few grows like this and I’m set for the year.


Hey oldMarine, first of ty for your service, looks good, I’m a big fan ole skunk bud, that’s basically all we had in OK, can’t wait to find clones or feminized seeds of Any skunk bud. I haven’t smoked any true skunk bud since 99-00. Great Zips! 7-9 great frk n grow! Hoping to pull an half pound off of 1 plant of Blackjack! Buds are getting fat! Few buds big as my fist. Out of Curiosity marine are you in Oregon? Hey awesome pics! Thx for sharing!

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Joshk8, nice veg! Ty for the pics, your plants look good and healthy for being in zona. Keep up the hard work. :+1:

No, I’m just south of you in Texas.

OldMarine, oh yes, land of the free to carry state, kinfolk, all through Texas, the south in general. Good luck with your grow.

Hey guys I need your help again everything has been going good with the grow all my plants are doing good except a few my ph has been on I’ve been using fox farms trio about twice a week. Three out of four of my big buds are showing these orange/ red and blue burnt tips. See picture below. Maybe to much calcium blocking my other uptake? Uploading: 6C66C370-A620-4DD1-A67C-0D262177E6CD.jpeg…
Uploading: BA89C069-F36B-4836-94AE-14560B48C3BD.jpeg…