Too much Nitrogen. need help

Question from a fellow grower:

My plant in flowering day 30 and I made the mistake of transplanting it into a 35 gallon drum of miracle grow potting soil and I think they are receiving to much nitrogen what can I do to save um

Are you sure that’s not just flowering color change? Looks pretty healthy! You might be able to flush it. A lot of the experienced guys on here recommend staying away from MG.

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It seems that you have two things going on here if i read this wright.
you trasplanted to larger container durning flower this will cause stress on your plant.

she is in her 4th week and by now in her 5th week of flower which she needs less nitrogen and you planted her in fresh MG soil loaded with nitrogen
So with that being said the only thing you can do now is give her some flower booster and no nitrogen food and water only’
your just to far into flower to do any good at this point.
you’ll know what not to do next time.