Too much LST? - your thoughts people

1st Time Grower - Plant H - Outdoor Balcony Grow - 8 weeks since sprout, white pistols showing,

feed Nitrosol every 2 weeks while in veg (half dose moving to 66% dose), Kelpak Seaweed concentrate (half dose) once a week, good RAIN, Kelpak leaf spray every 3-4 days, LST for 4 weeks already, FIM’ed them 1 month ago - is it lookin Healthy ? - am i over doing it with the LST ?, as i don’t want my girls to be visible from street - you peeps advise is ALWAYS beneficial


@Terminator Looks Great! I think your doing a fine job.


@Terminator she’s looking great. To keep her not visible from the street just tie her down, and spread her apart, to keep her low. Strain pending, because some stretch more than others, when she goes to flower she may stretch up a bit, so keeping her low now, will help later. Welcome to the forum, and Happy growing.


Like @Covertgrower said, you can continue whit LST.
But be careful because she will harder her stems soon.
I think you can super cropping as well to keep her down … Let’s ask a few guys @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @WillyJ


You can continue with lst and if they start to get to tall you can super crop them …after 2-3weeks into flower I would stop any training


thanks for all the valuable feedback people, i have gone ahead and LST’d all my plants - no stems sticking up - for now :slight_smile: - hoping they will grow nice & thick:+1:

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if it’s OK with you guys, i’d like to post pics/stats of my other plants as well, for your feedback (starting from plant A), many thanks again


That will be nice to see my friend. Just keep posting here any problems you have or any questions and tag people by putting @ before the nickname