Too much lighting?

I have a small little 4ftx2ftx5ft tent. I originally had a 400w Mh bulb going about 12 inches above my plants. But I recently received a 2000w led light for my birthday. Is this too big for my tent? I’m now hanging the light almost 3 ft above my plants and everything seems to be fine. Just wanting to make sure!

That’s about equivalent to what you had in there. It will just run much cooler. The true wattage on that light is 390 watts.

Do you know the difference in par value between the lights? What par value is best for cannabis plants? I believe this LED light has a much higher par value making me think it will be too much for when my plants get taller.

Not sure the par on the MH. But you’ll be fine with that light. You will need to keep it at about 24” above the plants, not because of par value, but because going lower than that and you start to shrink your coverage under the 4’ mark.


That light is the right size for that tent. run it at 24" with both switch’s flower/veg on. 18" or less when plants start to flower