Too much light?

This is my first post and first grow. I have 4 plants (seedling stage) in a 5x5 grow tent under two 1000w King Plus LED lights. I am worried that this is too much light for this stage of the grow. Also the manufacture recommends a light distance of 1.5-2.5m; is that a good recommendation? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Link of the lights I am using below.

that would depend on its true wattage and i was told earlier you want to be aiming for 35-50w of Actual wattage light per square foot… i looked at that link no mention of true wattage so either they are just not saying or that is its TRUE power… @Majiktoker might be able to help here we was talking about this earlier
says on amazon 185watt actual draw… using that number 5 x 5 tent is 25 square foot x 35w - 40w p/ft = 875-1000w total actual wattage needed for the whole tent but that would be when in flower :slight_smile:

10w double chips and 100 bulbs yes its a 1000 watt that is official wattage of light


I have a 1200w Z NET 12, just put it as far away from them as you can and use one light. If they stretch crazily and super thin like they will fall over then bring the light down. Good luck

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I have my tray with the 4 planters directly under one of the lights at about 4 1/2 feet between the light and the seedlings. My other light is on also, should I just turn it off? Three out of the four have sprouted already it’s only been four days

Thank you for the input! In your opinion should I use both lights at the seedling stage or do you think one 1000w light will do the trick ?

Definitely. I run one Meizhi 300 watt for sprouts up till about 12" high. Every single plant looks like a shrub. I believe the calculus for determining the correct amount of led’s is somewhat skewed as the amount of light and the quality of growth is pretty spectacular in my experience. Not sure what that number should be and it might be kind of a flying target depending on conditions.

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One 1000 watt should be fine especially for the seedling stage


Heres how it looks. I turned off one light and lowered the other.

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Any recommendations on light distance?

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At least 3.5ft for seedlings

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1st I recommend reading the suggestions from the light company.

LED lamps are still being researched but, can burn up your pl;ants. I suggest 18-24" to start and monitor plants daily for damage. Might be OK and nothing to worry.

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Agree with latewood 18-24 inches being a 1000 watt light id have it no lower than 18" from canopy

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I am using five of these in a 4x8 tent. I’ve got them 34 inches from the seedlings. I’m also using four 300W CFL bulbs at a distance of 16 inches. These led lights don’t actually put out a whole lot. I’d definitely suggest adding more lights once your plants start to veg.

For what it’s worth, that LED is about 200w actual power draw.


Perfect @Matthew420 thanks bud

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It feels like the two light is enough since I get the feeling as if I am getting sun when I am inside of the tent. Plus when I leave my grow tent, even after a little, the house lights look greenish. Probably not the best for my eyes but It seems like the light are powerful enough?