Too much humidity. Is this safe?

I think I’m going to have too much humidity in my 3x3x4 tent when it comes time to flower. Would it be safe to place a can of damp rid in the tent to lower it? Fumes?

I know the damp rid I’ve used for various reasons have strong perfume scents. Something to consider.

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Since you have an exhaust fan on the tent then it really doesnt matter what you put I side the tent. The thing to focus on is the room that the tent is in. The only reasonable route to go would be to get a dehumidifier for the room the tent is in.


Yeah, damp rid is not going to do much if constantly cycling in new humid air, like @imSICKkid said, dehumidify the room.

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my tent has about 35% more Rh than the rest of the room. I’m not sure if a nearby dehumidifier would work, even next to the tent.

If it’s that much higher than the rest of the room, try increasing your airflow through the tent. It should pull more fresh, drier air in from the room, and exhaust more humid air out. Where are you measuring the humidity? Near the canopy will be highest.