Too much humic acid they say

My plants have shown signs of nute burn almost from day one. Even though I have used only 1/4 nute strength during veg my plants have been telling me to back off the nutes. I just had a conversation with my local store and asked if it were possible to use too much micorrhizae. One of the brands I use (they said) has humid acid in it and this will force the uptake of nutes . I used this on tomatoes outside and the leaves grow all deformed,

Counting what is in Promix I have used three different brands of micorrhizae. the feeding schedule of Roots Organics suggests to add their version of myco as a top dress multiple times throughout the grow so I assumed the stuff wore off after a bit.

Can’t OD on mychrooiza try Great White or Extreme Gardening for mychrooiza

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For sure, thanks.