Too much earthworm castings?

So I’m a first timer… I started with coco and perlite and wanted to add earthworm castings but misunderstood something and I ended up adding a whole Bag. Like 10 pound bag… and i know it’s made it more into a soil like medium and I’ve had to water less cause I’m nervous to drown my roots… I’m just wondering if adding that much will hurt things… I’m dealing with mag deficiencies cause I didnt buffer my coco but I did some new and buffered that like a week later to transplant but they got sick so I didnt transplant until recently but only problem is I made the same mix with the castings smh I didnt realize I was only supposed to use a few tablespoons until after I made it… but I still transplanted into it because I couldn’t afford to get more again…

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Usually Earthworm castings are mixed into soil 1:4 ratio. @cb7222

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Right… hence my concern

Transplant is always an option… fox farms ocean forest is a great soil to transplant into. You can even mix some casting in. @cb7222

I thought of that… I just didnt know if i could transplant into soil fr from coco

I recommend soil, @cb7222