Too Much Calmag?

Hello all. This is my first grow. I am 5 weeks into flower, and this started happening to 3 of my plants.

They are
2 Blueberry and one Super Lemon Haze.
I have been using 4mg of calmag per gallon every time i water, with GH Floragrow fertilizer once a week. They are all in 3 gal fabric pots. My temp stays 80 day, and low 74 at night right now.
Thanks for your help in advance!

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Looks like nute burn. It’s difficult to hurt a plant with cal/mag. Looks more like a nitrogen problem.

Do you know your runoff PPM?

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Just checked my runoff, and its around 1650.
What should it be at for week 5 of bloom?
Should I flush them all?

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Hello, This happens with high amounts of nutes. Mainly calcium. I suspect your in need of a flush with something like FF/ sludgehammer to rid the excess nute and salt build up on your rooting system. Then measure runoff PPM to see where you need adjust to from there.

If you’re not using Co2 induction then you are a bit higher than you should be at this point. In my opinion i’d flush them all and then amend your soil accordingly. 1200 PPM is about the max you need right now, that’s even a bit high for some of the more fussy plants. Cal-mag is a much needed supplement but you really don’t need to water with it every time. Your knid of asking for build up issues that way.