Too Much Cal Mag

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I screwed up right off the bat… I put 1 teaspoon of Cal Mag in my first tank. Should I dump the whole thing and start again? Will this be bad if I leave it?? This my first grow ever.

couldn’t wait and didn’t want to take the chance! I dumped the tank and did it again with the correct nutrients.
week one in the grow called for just 1 teaspoon of grow per gallon no cal mag.
Week 2 calls for 11/2 teaspoons of grow and 1/8 teaspoon of cal mag,

all five seeds are sprouting and all looks good!! Can’t wait to continue the process!

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Just don’t over due it once you get into flower .i believe most add nitrogen , in my area its almost a necessity IF you dwc … In soil not so much .but i had to dump the soil after to uses . i use well water but hydro i have to have it