Too many yellow leaves, too early in the flower stage

One of my plants (Frank’s Gift is the strain) has been doing extremely well until recently, when a LOT of leaves have begun turning yellow. It’s definitely flowering nicely, and is way ahead of my other plants with flower size, and I know leaves will turn yellow in the latter stages of flowering, but this seems to be too much, and too early. I’ve just started giving it higher nitrogen fertilizer, thinking this could be the cause, but no effect yet.

Any ideas? It looks bad and I really don’t want to lose this plant!

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Not knowing what you are using currently but a small amount of grow nutrients as part of your feeding would help. I did just that on my last grow.

The leaves affected will not improve FYI.

thanks, yeah I’m definitely addressing the nutrients now. I’ve had them on a bloom fertilizer but thinking more nitrogen.

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Your plants do not need more nitrogen. At this stage in flower they need more phosphorous and potassium.
I’m not sure what week you are in flower, but depending on the strain this may be normal.

Overheating will cause this too if you had a hot spell, and make sure your PH is correct.

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PH is ok, and the weather hasn’t been too hot. I’m in Oregon. I’ve been giving it bloom fertilizer with 0 nitrogen the last couple of days, the leaves continue to turn yellow. I can also see thrip larvae through a microscope which I’m spraying. Anyway it’s not looking good! I’m at a loss.

I am also in the flowering stage with many yellow leaves. If I do add phosphorus and potassium is there a good fertilizer that has both? I have been giving my plant Fox Farm Big Bloom every other day. Don’t want to lose my plant so close to harvest. Thanks in advance for all suggestions and advice!