Too many questions re: flowering, etc

Ok so here’s what we are dealing with. We bought 2 clones from an MMJ dispensary August 1st so they are roughly 45 days old (to us, but not sure how old they would have been from the clone process). They are Acapulco Gold (at least I know that much!). We put them in 2 1/2 gallon containers yes with holes in the bottom, in Happy Frog with smaller rocks at the bottom to help with drain, and they were doing super good. Well 3 weeks ago they started the flowering stage (!!). Called the dispensary, they said that’s ok because the mothers are doing the same. Bought some Grow and some Bloom to add to their water when we water. Every 5 days we have been watering when the first “knuckle worth” has dried out. These girls have been outside until it gets bloody freaking hot then they go into the shade (because we are worried they are going to end up burning its been so hot and dry on the western part of Colorado).
Have a read a lot about how people water on here and keeping the plants in full sun. We are in a horrible drought so its super hot and dry here.
1:Can someone tell me what these plants look like they need to you? and 2: can you tell me W T H is this growing on the side of the plant? Two separate areas on the same plant, and half of the white hairs are turning brown (hermie perhaps??). The other plant acts just super happy about everything - but the plant with these balls, and the color changing hairs also has curly leaves at the top (some of the others are perfect MJ looking leaves).

Note: the plant on the left (curly) and the one below it are of the same plant. The one on the right with the bright white tendrils is the second plant (the one that seems happier than the first)

Are the white spec something you put on the plants? Or are they something that has just occurred. I’ve had the white specs and it turned out to be spider mites. I would look into that. Inspect the plants and see if there are any signs of insects.
They also look like they need water to me. Not hermies from what I see. if your weather is that dry have you tried foliar feeding along with watering?
They look like they are getting to much hot sun. I’d dial it back.

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So, they started flowering on their own at that size?

You need 18/6 lights on them so they can re veg need a scope to look at the white dots may be mites ? Being outside you won’t be able to re veg them they will need to come in for more light

The white was flour … an experiment to get rid of aphids the plant had. Aphids lasted 2 weeks but nothing on them for the past 3. They were watered Friday so still wet to the touch. And they were out in the sun today for a bit, but usually not in the sun every day. My husband has been trying to treat them like pampered house plants. Indoors when it’s hot and at night, shade when it’s hot outside and sunlight in am and rarely pm.

They don’t have white dots on them. See if these attach right. First plant is the one that looks better, the second plant is the one that I had most questions on.

Also the big leaves have been Brown since we originally got them from the dispensary.

Yes they did. When we called the dispensary they told us that the clones will take on the same characteristics as the mothers - including flowering when the mother flowers.

So - PlantB: my “problem plant”. What is this circled thing on it?

Looks like the beginning of a bud

Hmmm, so the dispensery keeps their mother plants outside, too, then? Seems a pity the clones weren’t given a proper veg time.

Usually with photoperiod plants, the grower is in control of when flowering begins, not the plant.

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That is correct. You determine the stage of when to flower. Are you checking the pH of the water when you water??

Also, is this the first time you have grown cannabis?? I’m not judging, just asking so we know how much additional knowledge we can bestow upon you to be successful. It sounds like the place you bought them from may not educate there customers very well and that is a shame.


Or just plain full of $hit.

Clones will take on growth characteristics and have similar patterns if grown environmentally the same. U can’t clone an auto so it has to b a photo.

As a grower you can manipulate that plant to be whatever u want it to b, short and bushy, taller and lankier. The mother plant being trained differently can and will look completely different. This is my mother plant at harvest

short and bushy from a scrog. I took 6 clones and put them in different sized pots and kept everything else the same. Here are a few of those clones the 2 in 1 gallon pots are small and a single primary cola with a few secondaries. The one in a 5 gallon pot is 10x as big. Same veg time same grow room. Same nute water schedule. You would not know they are triplets.

Very true. That’s kinda what I was getting at lol.

I wouldn’t buy anything else from them. Unfortunately I feel like places like that will become more common as the industry grows. It will be likened to growing a chia pet and there will be a lot of mis information given. Sounds like they just wanted to make a few bucks and don’t care if you come back. Like any business that big industry comes in contact with, it will be industrialized and artisan growers will rely on honed skills and crafts to make superior products. If this is your first go, don’t let it discourage you and learn from it. I wish I could give you some nice clones to do it again. No one here will criticize you and we all like to see people succeed and be successful growers. Sorry for the rant

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Suggest you NOT buy plants with damaged leaves. Especially young seedlings.

Many will force the clones as much as possible. The sooner sold, the more money made.