Too many clones in the tent?

Experienced smoker but total newb at growing. Just started my first grow with four clones (2 Northern Lifhts, 1 San Fernando Valley OG, and 1 Super Purp) but I think I got bad info from the clone guy. I have a 2x2x4 tent because of space issues. He assured me that I could fit four plants in here and grow them successfully. I’m realizing now that is probably not the case. right now the clones are 3 weeks old.

  • Can I grow four small plants and is that worth it?
  • Do I absolutely have to invest in a bigger tent?

Here is what I have going on now. Using a 300W FrideMok LED. Trying to train three of them to grow at 90°. The other one is pretty straight and is the tallest, so I’m nervous about bending it too much and hurting it. Thanks in advance.

Lol, ive done it. Its gonna get tight as hell and yields on all 4 will be low. If one of those strains is taller than the others it will try to smother the others. Best nunber in a 2x2 is one plant. 2 if you crowd them.

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Just be like me they said they won’t all fit. Its OK I will just open the tent door and let them stretch. No problem. Thanks Amazon for blackout curtains :grinning:

Get a bigger tent and more lights, ramp it up!

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LOL. Thanks for the quick replies. I’ll look into getting a bigger tent (4x4x6.5 maybe) but the space is tight. If I have to keep it like this, what is the ideal training method to employ?

I should also ask, since I have to keep them all small, when should I send them into flower?

LST, gonna get too tall for the tent other wise, tie them over. Flower soon after they get growing strong again after tying them over.

Bro, i hate to be the one to break this to you but there is no way your flowering out 4 plants in there. Your better off going to two and finding an alternate idea for the other 2. If a 4x4 tent is an option you need to do that. The smoke off the plants alone will make up for the cost.

Silverback, that’s what I was afraid of. I don’t know why the hell I thought that was a reasonable thing for him to suggest. Probably just wanted to sell me extra clones. Going to either have to find a place for that bigger tent or find a place to grow a couple of em outdoors. I’m a medical patient, and it’s legal in my state, so I have that option. Unfortunately, I also have kids, so the spaces I can use are severely restricted.

I appreciate the input all around. Glad to find all this out now than later when it’s harder or too late to fix.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news and i sure dont like shittin on sombodys plan but i just dont se a way it works. Now to hellraisers point, open the tent and get some blackout curtains an let her rip.

Hardware store sells foam board too, not hard to tape together a 4x4 airtight box. I grew like that for years, i still veg in a hillbillied up room.

That’s freaking brilliant. You may have just saved me a fair sum of money and/or multiple conversations with a frustrated wife! Let’s MacGyver this shit up. Now that I think about it, I might even be able to convert the little, crappy bathroom in the basement into a grow room and just lock it. I’ll try to figure out the foamboard thing first. Thank you both!

Here for ya bro. It aint gotta be sexy man. Enough space, proper ph and nutes, and enough light and the plants will thrive… they are weeds.

Let me know when your ready to start ill be happy to contribute.

You’re the best bro. On temporary furlough from work right now, so I have time on my hands. Probably order a stronger light on Amazon tonight and head to Home Depot in the next day or two.

Thats the spirit! When your ready to get the stuff to build the room, box, or convert that bathroom hit me up, ill tell ya what i did and share some pics.

As far as the SWMBO goes, you veg and flower 4 plants and end up with a pound of bud, and you smoke budget goes to zero dollars, she will come around.

My first indoor harvest paid for my whole setup. I have upgraded as i can afford since. Not paying for weed is a biiig deal if you smoke much.

@FairNuf I used panda plastic to wrap an old IKEA shelf I had on hand. Turned into a nice little space. It’s a 20"x36"x60" wood frame shelf that I attached lights to the bottom of one shelf using an old three bulb bathroom standard fixture that I load with CREE leds bulbs for a nice little clone/early veg space.

So after talking to the wife (and relaying Silverback’s point about increased yield and overall savings) and I got the go ahead to order a the bigger tent and rearrange the basement to make it work! Final setup will be a 48x48x78 tent with a 1000W LED with veg and bloom modes, a 190 CFM exhaust fan, and a carbon filter for smell.

Now of course if I screw it all up, she’ll kill me, so I’ll probably be asking more than a couple questions as this progresses!

Order tent without light, get hlg 550 eco. It will carry veg and flower. Waaaaay better light than anything ive seen in a kit.

I just looked up the one you mentioned, and holy jeebus, that is one fancy ass light! I actually didn’t order a kit. I ordered the pieces separately based on user reviews. Hopefully it’ll turn out really well with what I’m getting and I’ll be able to upgrade some day.

Light hard to beat for the money tho. You gotta be careful witht those lights advertised as 1000w. Best case scenario you end up with 250w or so. Some are really deceptive. Which light have you ordered?