Too LST WWAuto or not

Thank you for your support. 1st grow with 3 x 3 grow tent, phlizon 1200 full spectrum, air sucker, frog soil, no notes yet and at 3 weeks today. Hate to mess with LST because they look so good to me. I’ve been doing the slight bending but I fell the bottom might need more light. 20/4 light schedule. Too LST or not? Thanks! PEACE, TV

If you are looking for an easy, free way to increase your harvest, LST is the way to go. My blueberry auto with lst had 8 main colas and the tallest was from the bottom branches. IMO it is worth the effort.

Thanks! I will do it and I might leave one alone just to see the natural grow being my first.

Agree with @fast-grow. Also, I have grown ILGM WWA that ranged from a nice compact 20-22 inches to 40+ inches. Ya never know.

Did you LST the shorter plants? Little intimating first time so I appreciate the wisdom. Thanks

I topped it (a little late, I should have done it a week earlier) and then let it do what it wanted to do. The tent was full so I finished in the area I use to veg. Eventually I put it in a cut off tomato cage. One of the colas was growing taller and I bent it and tied it to the cage to even out the height.

. Nice little plant about 3 oz when cured.


Nice little plant indeed! I’m hoping. I’ll have to get more experience cutting that top off but it looks like it worked for you. I’ll be carefully bending stems tomorrow.

First, there is nothing wrong with just letting it grow naturally. It will produce a main colas that will be taller than the rest of the side branches. Plenty of auto growers do it this way. I have. I think the best yields come when you have as even a canopy a possible, spreading out the lower branches so they can turn and reach up and bend the main stem over.
This is a northern lights photo. I hope it helps. It was smaller than the other 4 and because the tent is full with the other 4, it was destined for the garden. I bent the main stem above the 3rd note. This means it should have six side branches. I removed the branch that would have been under the main stem. Thus, 5 brachces. I pulled the top branches (#3&5) branches behind the main stem. The 2nd node branches are #2 & 4. The lowest branch is #1 (the opposite branch was removed

Here it is from another angle. The lower node leaves are also removed to make room
This one is simply looking down the main stem.
Oh. Here she is in the garden. All of the LST is removed. I let her dry out too much and she was consuming her lower leaves. This is a couple hours after I gave her a drink. No big loss she has plenty of leaves.
To the left of her is a jack herer auto.

Great info and that really is something that LST. I just starting pushing down the upper stems so lowers get more light which feels safe for me right now. I think I have another week before the flower. Appreciate the pictures and wisdom. Plants seem to be pretty tough.

They bend a lot easier when they are young. Limited time to do it with autos. With cloth pots you can put binder clips on the rims and use rapid clip or soft wire to pull and hold the branches. I found I really like using staples (bent wire) to do this. Especially the lower ones, keep them low so they grow toward the sides.

Will do this in one plant. Feel more confident with your advice.

Hard to see what you have done. Those huge leaves are in the way. Very healthy looking. Maybe a side shot and move the leaves out of the way

Sorry, I haven’t done anything yet. Does it look good to go?

I would say yes. Not a lot of space between nodes to work with. Maybe pull the lower branches to the side, remove the leaves at the node and see where she is. Get a little grow out of the main stem then bend it.

Remove leaves?

The leaves at the first / bottom most node. They will be in the way and the plant has plenty on top

1st lst attempt. Cut 3 bottom leaves. Didnt like that.

This is an auto grown ‘pretty much naturally’… I did some very minor LST on the 2 lower colas you see sticking out a little farther and I defoliated, but everything was done after the plant was mature and done very gently. (Please ignore my recent nutrient issues. :pensive:)

As a comparison I’m LST-ing my latest one early and pretty seriously. We’ll see what happens.

Wow! I’m hoping to get that. I’m doing LST on one and just using the tucking fan leaves on the others. First grow so it’s all what I’m learning here and experimenting. Thanks!

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