Too long of a plant?

Should I continue adding some soil up the stem or just add a few branches or metal cage thing around the plant to support it?

Well if it were me i would just let it go and let the wind strengthen it. Should be fine looks good too just see what happens in a few weeks. Happy growing


The main stem looks pretty sturdy. You could put a stake next to it going up about a foot or so and let her get stronger in the wind.

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Supporting main stalk will allow plant to use resources to grow leaves and flower…not stalk.

One sturdy stake…and pipe cleaners loosely looped around the stalk will do the job.

You don’t really have room to add more top soil. The stake will get it done.

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If your going to top her nows the time to think about how you want to train as in top fim or lst training All will improve yield

Thanks everyone!

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Stick to close you will get no growth on that side so move away about 5-7 in and use a pipe cleaner or a twist tie to help support her you done want to do all the supporting for her or she will get lazy and not str the stalk and could fall and brake stem


Gotcha. Will make adjustments