Too little light?

Strain; Green Crack Fem

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil in 3 gal fabric pots

System type? ??

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? N/A

What is strength of nutrient mix? Fox Farms Grow big, per bottle
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size? LED (I think it’s too small link below)

Temps; Day, Night: 68/70 +/- around the clock

Humidity; Day, Night: 50%ish? (not really monitoring it)

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: Open air right now

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: dehumidifier

Co2; Yes, No: No

First time grow. I feel like my girls are moving slow. They popped out of the soil about 3w ago. Not enough light? I transplanted them a couple days ago and realized my little CFL lamp wasn’t going to cover them. I plugged in this LED bulb I got on Amazon. Now that they are in bigger pots, I have to put together a space for them, my sideboard in the living room isn’t really going to work anymore lol.

Can we see pics?

Just added them :grinning: thanks for looking

it looks like you initially had some stretching. gently pack some dirt about the stem below the seed leaves for support. the nee growth has a nice short internode length, usually if your light is too weak you will see internodes stretching. it looks like an indica dominant strain.

im not sure about the yellow leaves or the other two with some damage but the new growth looks good. The color is a bit lime green for my preference, it could be normal or maybe a deficiency. iron or nitrogen

How much water should I be giving them? I am afraid of over watering

the amount of water you are giving looks fine.

what type of soil? if your soil has no nutes then maybe you arent giving enough nutes. if you are giving nutes consider making it more dilute

the bottom leaves should be NOT turning yellow. and the dark splotches suggest you water a little less and add more nitrogen.

good start…now is time to fine tune as the plants indicate.

AND…a good start will be getting a light strong enough to let the plants grow to maximum.

Your pots are too big for the plant and watering is sparce because of it😊

I just transplanted them this weekend, they were too big for their starter pots. Could the yellow be from being overcrowded in their last home?

Nitrogen… the Fox Farms grow big?

Some no name organic NON Miracle Gro stuff.

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Likely part of the pale color is due to inadequate light. You are going to struggle unless you can get some higher intensity illumination for your girls. They need LOTS of light.

Right now that’s the right amount of water. Depending on the potting soil you used, you won’t need to feed your plants until flower or close to it.

It would be highly advisable to purchase a digital PH meter. NOT a soil type. Those are typically junk.

This is a good one here:

Really think the main problem(now you showed us the “light”) …IS A VERY WEAK LIGHT SOURCE. A 600 watt with a switchable ballast would do your two plants well. Less expensive used ones can be found online in sites like Craigslist. Probably easier to find a 1000 watt and price will be about same.
A whole lot of people buy the right stuff, can’t figure out how to grow and no longer have any use for the light. They will sell for less than 50% of brand new price. Also, they usually have left over supplies that will go with the light. An LED would be better, smaller, less heat…however, I have no experience with LED’s. Plenty will be glad to offer advice about that if you ask.
Best Wishes…

@NotquiteJuneCleaver-----------you asked about nitrogen source.
any decent name brand will do great. no name stuff usually gets the job done, but, not as well.
If you are on a budget, walmart has fish emulsion in quarts for around $8. It’s 5-1-1.
It will get you by but the grow nutes will get you better results. PH n PPM meter sets sell for around $20 at any of the online places. The meter set is critical to a good grow and a good harvest. It’s a good idea to learn how to read and interpret PH, PPM and EC. The PH and EC are critical. Take the PPM double it…then divide by 1000…that will give you the EC factor.

Couple of these?

I just realized I never linked my original LED.
50W Led Grow Light Bulb, Led Plant Bulb Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Vegetables and Seedlings, LED Plant Light Bulb for Hydroponics Indoor Garden Greenhouse and Organic Soil (E26 78LED