Too late to scrog need more light in center of plant

so I have lots of smaller buds in the center of our plants that dont get very much light. Its too late to scrog. I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on spreading the outer branches to allow light into the center for these smaller buds. I have an idea but love to see yours @Countryboyjvd1971, @bob31, @Hogmaster, @Corso2, @dbrn32, @Myfriendis410

It depends @hippy4life

Lets see a pic of your plant. How old is she? Flowering? How tall?



she’s already flowering. You have a very short period of time to work with. Too late to SCROG IMO.

Are the stems getting stiff?

they are strong but bending easily. would it be ok to thin out some of the leaves?

Has the stem hardened off? If not, using a SCROG could allow you to move them apart.

not sure what you mean by hardened off but they are strong. I think its too late to scrog
they are in week 4 of flowering

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I think what they mean is that the stems and branches get less pliable as you advance in flowering stage.

I would agree that you’re most likely beyond scrog. However, if the branches are still flexible you way be able to tie them off and pull the larger branches out a little. Just be gentle, and maybe spread it out over a couple of days.

@hippy4life just like @dbrn32 said, just tie off some of the branches, to allow the lower canopy better light penetration. Doing this alone will help them along.

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@hippy4life you may try some tender LST! I pinned safety pins around my fabric pot. I then took kite string and gently wrapped it around the top or bendiest/most pliable part of the plant. then loop it through the safety pin and use a slip knot and gently pull until stem bends slightly. you can do that all around to pull the outer branches further out and open the the middle. i did it to my sour diesel once it was too late to scrog. I dont have my phone with the pic, but if you look back at my post you will see. I will tag you to it


After watering & couple hours the stalks are more pliable. You can gently work them down & even go back in couple hours bending more if needed. Theyll be growing back up towards light by next morning.