Too late to plant photo clone outside?

Hey everyone,

I’ve only grown autos and am legally allowed to have 12 plants. One of mine died (user error, not genetics) and I have a coworker who offered me a clone of one of her photos. All my plants are now outside in the ground and I am not set up at all for an indoor grow. Everything I know about photos is from what I’ve read here so I know flower is triggered by light cycle.

If I decide to take her up on her offer, can I take the clone and put it in the ground now and get a small harvest before it gets too cold here in New England? I’m thinking it will be ok if I just let it run it’s course naturally on mother nature’s time table but wanted some input to be sure. I’m kind of intimidated by the thought of growing a photo and thought this would be an opportunity to see how it differs from an auto. Oh and I almost forgot she does hydro not dirt so will that matter? What do you think?

@Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Willd @bob31 and anyone else with any thoughts or comments.


I would say go for it. Being a clone they tend to grow quicker if I’m not mistaken. It’s worth a shot. Still got a few months for Veg before it changes over, I would think it would start to flower at the end of August. I’m. It positive in that though.

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You should be able to

I say give it a go it will do its things maybe smaller but?
The clone should take to good soil
I’ll be following along @AnneBonny


I’m with the gang! Can’t hurt!


My “buddy” offered me three clones of cotton candy which he stated was known to finish up nicely outdoors in our northern climate. I have not been able to get any info since May 25 when he told me another week or so they would be ready.

Point is, I have two seedlings I germinated in a panic and was going to give them to him to grow inside (all of these are photosensitive strains). I just sent him a text that my two seedlings are going in the ground outdoor this afternoon if I don’t hear from him.

It’s a tad late (should have been in two weeks ago) but bothstrains have a 55-60 day flowering period because I selected them for possible outdoor planting (then ended up going major indoor set up). They may not be perfect and I may be rigging a tarp over them come mid september but my guess is they will flower.

Go for it.