Too Late to plant in NW

I live in Washington state is it to late to plant blueberry outdoors? How many days/weeks from seed to flower?

Auto or photo?
Have you amended your soil outside?
Do you mind a smaller then average yield?
Do you have seeds? Have you germinated? Are they sprouted?
Even if all those questions tilt :-1:t5: its July… ur plant will have 1.5 months tops good sun hours. Yes it will grow. No it wont reach its full potential

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Photo, soil is ready, don’t mind a little less, not germinated. I live in Eastern WA hot sunny days till mid Oct.

I germinated 5 indoors and 3 damped off and the other two failed transplant. I have been growing for 6 years and never had this happen before. Thought I would try direct planting in outdoor bed.

Plenty of time…even better if you use Auto-Fems several are 45-60 s2h

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Its not the level of heat and humidity you need with photos its the amount of ‘daylight hours’ you have. By October here in Mississippi your bud is flowering strong… honestly… id pot it. Keep the soil tiled and weedfree. And push for 2 week seedlings as soon as possible. Thats if your dead ass set on growing outside. Yall get alot of rain. Daily. So let her get her feet under.

Edit. I didnt put plant strong seedling. Reread seemed redundant but :man_shrugging:t5:

Thanks. I live in a part of the state that doesn’t get much rain from June to November. It is a high desert valley so no humidity.

Drop em in then. No harm right? (Aside from da $20 wortha seeds)

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Yeah! Wish I had bought auto flower that would have helped. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Might be worth a phone call to check if local store has auto-fem strain you like.

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