Too late to help?

I’ve got two photo period plants in week 5-6 of flower. It’s my first grow and both plants are showing deficiency/ pH problems. I think I fixed the pH problem by adding fox farm tiger bloom to my tap water which brings the pH to 6.5/6.6. I know tiger bloom alone isn’t enough for a plant in flower but is it too late to get some cal-mag to finish this grow out?

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Never to late for some cal-mag, just add 2-4 ml w/fertilizer to gallon of water. I like to mix Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, and cal-mag all together at this stage of flower. 4ml tiger, 4ml Big, 2ml cal-mag per gallon of water. Just make sure after a feeding like this you do a flush (after soil is dry) and check the PPM’s of your 20 % run off water. Looking for 1000 PPM roughly. Wet dry cycles when watering and feeding is very important.


Post some pics Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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First is Cali dream which seems to be doing well despite me trying to starve it. Second is chronic widow which isn’t doing so hot but through other post came to the conclusion my feeding water pH was way to low and not giving enough nutrients.


Flush the plants real thoroughly and re feed with the cal mag and tiger bloom at approximately 1000ppm

There is plenty of time to get them squared away. If you have current runoff ph & ppm base the need for flushing based on those numbers. Add big bloom to the mix of Tiger Bloom per feed schedule.
The plants look solid now and can improve with the proper care. A couple weeks of proper feeding and then wind them down for harvest.

Do you have run off PH and PPM numbers? We need to start there, I see several issues but need to start with usually the biggest problem which typically is PH.

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So I ordered some cal mag that will be here Friday. But just for the sake of science I went and mixed up a gallon of tap water with tiger bloom and for the cal mag minerals I added 2ml of seachem replenish. Seachem replenish is meant to be added to ro/di water to replace minerals before adding back into a fish tank ( I have a alot of fish tanks) it’s got calcium,magnesium, potassium and sodium in it. The tds of this mixture is reading 1026 and pH is 6.5-6.6.

** I won’t feed this to my plants but it kinda seems like it could work haha

This is just a shot from the hip, but do you have grow big? To me this is what your plants are missing the most.