Too late to flush?

I have 2 plants in soil I started on 12/12 light cycle this past Tuesday. I’m using Booster nutes and still mixing booster and flower solutions.

What I’ve read in other posts has me a bit confused. First, they are calling for flushing before flowering stage. So is it too late to flush now? Second, if flushing is intended to leech what remains of Booster nutes out making way for Flower nutes shouldn’t I wait until I’m switching over to 100% flowering solution?

I hope you see the confusion on my part. After all the crap I’ve gone through to get these babies to this stage I damn sure want them to be all they can be.

Peace and happy toking.

When you doing transition or mixing grow and flower (bud) nutrients are you adding 2.5 ml of one and taking away 2.5 ml of the other ? To much of one with the other to soon can cause issues , keep in mind your girls are virgins , they don’t like too much freakiness to soon , do it gradually . Example 2 week of flower calls for 50/50 nutrients grow and flower ? Since you in veg you should be at 10 ml per gallon , so adding bud you want to give 2.5 ml bud flower nutrients and 10ml grow . Next week you want to give 7.5 ml of grow and 5 ml of bud flower ? Next feeding 5 ml of grow and 7.5 ml of bud flower ? Next week 2.5 ml of grow and 10 ml of bud flower ? Next week no grow and only 10 ml of flower bud ? Than this next feed you should be ready to go in the next transition of THC the same way with bud flower nutrients ? 10 ml of bud and 2.5 of mass etc . Also watering every other day or when needed in between feeding as normal ph at 6.0-6.2 run off ?

Latewood covered this in another topic and said he never flushes before transition,so y9u might wanna try to wait and see if he chimes in,I’m definetly not saying anyone is wrong here but he might have some good input on your problem

You dont have to flush at all. Only when you have nutrient lock out.
All you do is faze out the grow booster to flower. Maybe you miss understood but you are fine.


Hi yoshi,

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I am following the feeding guide. For this 1st week of transition I have been running 3 parts grow and 1 part flower of nutes. Tuesday will start week 2 of transition and I’ll go to 1/2 and 1/2 on the nutes. (I’ve been running my mix a little hot anyway without any issues. It’s no where near double strength as they say you can run but along the lines of 11.5 - 12.0 ml instead of 10 ml,)

But the question about flushing remains. To me it only makes sense to wait until it’s time to go to 100% flower nutes to flush out what remains of the grow nuted and go to pure flower solution, But I want to make damn sure. You can see why maybe from the pics below.

The larger plant is 25 inches and the smaller one 22 inches. Yhey are hale and hearty and growing really fast now and as I’ve cropped them pretty aggressively they are really putting on bud sites. There are some close ups too as I’m looking for help in making sure I have them sexed correctly. The smaller plant is showing lots of whitish threads if I’m seeing right without any trace of hermie attributes. The larger plant I just can’t tell with any degree of certainty. Maybe some one with more experience can help with determining the gender on it.

Many thanks for all the great help from everyone out there.

Peace and keep on toking.

Your plants look awesome great job.


I didn’t flush because all in all the plant still needs nitrogen throughout the whole growth . But garrigan green thumb is who told be about the gradual quarter feedings . I say wait 2 weeks before harvest and flush as often you can , and let the plant stay in darkness 3 days with no light . This helps with the resin mass and helps drains all the water and nutrients out the plant as it starves . The plant will start to resin is safe mode and draw water from every leaf or stem , which will help with the curing .

I never flush my plants in transition; However; This may be because I always alternate between a Nutrient solution, and plain water schedule.

This is a matter of choice. I find that just by changing to my bloom formula at the same time I change the photo period to 12/12; I get an excellent result.

Thanks latewood.

I was unsure about the whole flussh thing other than for finishing but saw enough posts from folks who do apparently flush during transitions, some even mid veg stage, too, that I had to ask. I finally have some pretty nice bushes going and I want every bud I possibly can off them. I actually started mixing nutes a week before I went to 12/12 lighting-well went from 12 hours sunshine and 12 hours in a blacked out room anyway.

I sort of fell into your routine as well. Right now these girls are soaking up water like going out of style. Basically, with them in 3 gal soft pots and being outside during the day, they have to have water every day or almost with feeding every third day. So far that seems to be doing the trick. Yesterday was one day after feeding so I overwatered and caught the run off to check everything. Ph was 6.2 and TDS was 667 and EC 335 (I mix my solution to approx 950 ppm when I feed). So I’m just going to keep on keeping on for now.

I know I’ve mentioned this to you before mchopperpilot, I don’t understand your numbers, I think you are writing them out wrong, or certainly in an unclear fashion.

There is no EC of 335, and even an EC of 3.35 is like 1650-1700 USA PPM, or about 2000-2100 or 2200-2300PPM using the other conversions. A USA 667 PPM should be about 1.3 EC, and USA 335 PPM would be about 0.7 EC. A USA 950 PPM is 1.9 EC.

I’m not trying to give you a hard time, I’m just trying to understand what you are trying to say, more precisely.

Once you have a schedule that is working, stick with it. Glad to hear that things are flourishing for you

I think he meant .335 MacG.

Hmm, it still doesn’t really make sense, 0.335 EC = about 150 PPM USA, and 192 or 210 PPM in the other conversions.

Also I’m just worried it means we are not understanding something mchopperpilot is trying to say that might be important.

I have no problem with a nutrient mix at the concentrations of 667-950PPM USA, that should work well with most balanced mixes.

I’m glad the system is working for him and keep on doing what works for you, lol.

Me tooo…

I generally keep my ppm around 1000 and less during veg. I find I get healthier plants by not pushing the ppm too high!

The prob has to be me translating the meter readings. More precisely it’s where do the decimel go when I’m writing the values down. i.e. The 335 is exactly what appeared in the screen on my handi-dandi pen EC meter. With my vision I couldn’t tell a decimel point from a fleck of fly crap. I tried to get some decent pics of the meter readings I got today when I mixed a feeding. They didn’t come out too well but I hope you guys can help break the stupidity barrier that got me on this one. The EC meter pic came out pretty good:

The TDS reading blurred out pretty bad but is either 163 or 167. So how does that pan out or is one of my measuring devices screwed?

Whatever the case here I just am not getting the correalation between the readings. Right now the plants are not suffering from anything I am doing. Thanks for all the help and happy growing.

Yeah, Latewood is right, that probably does read, or should read as the decimal before the first 3, so yeah 0.337 EC, and that would equal about 160-ish PPM, as 0.300EC=150PPM USA. So everything sounds like your two meters agree, it is nice to have a back up to check on each other’s accuracy. Those meters should work well together as you can pretty much just half the blue meter’s readings and it should equal the grey/tanish meter.

Yay! I’m glad we figured it out, lol, I’ve never seen a meter quite like the blue one before.

WHEW plus a large sigh.

Thanks guys. I had thought my train had finally went aound the bend, lol. Yeah, that meter is something I grabbed off Ebay. You can never tell for sure with some of the stuff you buy off of there.

I had mixed the light feed today so we could get things figured out and I appreciate your help tremendously. Now if I can get these plants sexed for sure. Latewood promised me loads of help. Bet he never guessed I’d be such a pain in the butt.

Peace and good night, bro.

I see that you TDS pens. Not EC.

I think MacG explained this to you above. Do not worry about converting to EC. Use the TDS pen and adust your solution accordingly.

Yeah, it looks like the blue pen shows EC, and when no decimal point is showing it probably reads as if the decimal point was before the first displayed number, but if you look close, it does look like if the EC does get more concentrated, it would likely show a decimal point below/between the first two digits to be able to give you a up to 9.99 capable numerical readout.

The tan/grey meter I’m very sure is a “Hanna” clone/knock off, and therefor it should read in the USA TDS PPM conversion, and again, all the readouts in the pictures above seem to confirm this.