Too late in flowering for High Stress Training?


I am a newbie grower in my first growing experience and my 4 healthy plants are growing happily outdoors in the ground and have begun flowering. I topped them all early on to try and control the height but as they have now reached over 2 feet I am wanting to try some stem mutilation to try and limit the height even more.
I know there is a point where it is too late in the flowering to try HST methods so I am wondering is if I am too far along or if I can still give it a go?
Any advice of training options would be gratefully received.


I wouldn’t mess around stressing it too much how about bend them off to one side tie close to top and steak other end to ground modified lst tighten rope little at time kinda like this


@LilyWai welcome to the play ground
Its not a good idea to stress your plants out in flower it can cause them to hermi
I recommend that you stop training once you enter flower
If you so decide to try what @Rexx posted just be gentle once stems harden they snap easily if your to aggressive


I agree with county just be careful I would let it ride


Thanks for the advice, have done as you all suggested with my strongest most vigorous plants - which now all have crisscrossing ties intersecting everywhere through the plant. I found I had to improvise a bit from the diagram as I have ring fenced my plants with wire netting in order to a) give it a bit of support due to the topping and subsequent spreading of plant and b) in order to create a bit of camoflage from prying eyes. So when I tied down it butt up against the netting a bit much so I created a corresponding tie pulling it slightly the other way so flower wasn’t getting squashed.

I am pretty staggered at how quickly they are growing at this stage, seems every day there is changes happening…most rewarding gardening I’ve ever done!


One they take off they do grow quite fast lol enjoy the show