Too late for pruning my bottom 2 nodes?

I’m aligned with that method or lean towards that too…I think a few here and there the plant hardly notices

I also just try and see where the light is being blocked
I have zero experience trimming anything lol

I’ve been bothering poor @grizZz for trimming advice !! Lol


I fought those :($)&&); buggers this grow. I took a spray bottle and added 20 drops of essential oil (the internet recommended rosemary, tea tree, pine, mint and a few others) then added a squirt of Dr. Bonner’s Castile Castile soap and sprayed my plants morning and night especially under the leaves. I used a different mix every three days and it worked!!! There is a member here, I think Ning, that makes a mix of garlic and hot peppers for a spray.

I need to make something since bugs are eating my sunflower plants, squash and my butterfly bush. I think I try the Ning juice outside.


you aren’t kidding are you?, I trimmed 3 of the leaves laying in the dirt and 2 leaves with tiny spots and going yellow. I put them in a jar as I was going along. When I finished the trim, I dumped leaves on a white china plate did some playing with the leaves and used a cheap 30x magnifying glass and could just barely see what could be a nymph because of those lines across it and maybe a slight orange color to it, in fact, it was the orange color that gave it away in the first place, I was about give it up I didn’t find anything when something caught my eye. As I was looking for another one I thought I saw, with a jeweler’s loupe I could see the smallest little pincher bug I’ve ever seen. So, those are thrips, no wonder plants can just start shriveling up!. It seems like I have only spider mites out in my squash, it’s just getting started as well, but the mites are on both sides of the leaves, so maybe they arent, thank you, Jamesgang.

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Thank you, being a bit leery of trimming in the first place I went with taking 3 laying on the ground and a couple that had a spotted look . Next morning, it was still alive and I was the butcher with the scissors. Thanks again, JaneQP. Jamesgang.

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Take it at your pace. It gets easier! After some time you will develop on eye for leaves that should go. Always look top down so you can find the ones shading potential bud sites. That extra light can make a difference between a pinky nail and thumbnail sized bud.

Best to you friend!

Don’t apologize, this is what you hope happens to any post, question I had answers overnight, and solutions knocked back and forth by the veterans, now I guess it’s time for the small bottle of Grow Safe. Thank you, Jamesgang.