Too late for pruning my bottom 2 nodes?

Hello, Jamesgang here in Los Angeles where any real, lasted more than a few days sun showed up about the middle of June, I had seedlings the last week of June. These shots here are of a feminized Cookies And Cream Cheese, but anyway…too much going on restoring an old house and how the weeks passed, those bottom branches I was so worried about pruning too soon seem to have gotten bigger now, maybe too big and too late in the game? I was hoping to get better shots of the pistils, and maybe afternoon sun might make that possible but this plant is 46" tall and 36" wide, I started tying the tip down rather than topping a few days ago and am surprised at how fast those branches are changing the way they are growing. So, hoping I did all this right, and in the right area, I would sure appreciate any help I might get in this , if I was to give each of those bottom 4 branches off of the main stalk a nice clean snip creating all that air space , would I wake up to a drooping soon to be dead plant or will it just reward me with a hermie surprise?. Well, thank you for your time and looking forward to the time spent here, thanks again, Jamesgang.

Never too late :grinning:

Seriously :neutral_face: though
You need to prune those lower leaves
They should not be touching it ground

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So can I just clear off all the leaves on the bottom 4 branches it would work ok?

Yep I would do some trimming

And anything shadowing bud sites

Oh and hey where are my manners, thank you for your information and such a quick reply Mr_Wormood, I can handle trimming, much more than that’d be brain surgery for me. I can see now I got a learnin’ to do, my gardening experience has mostly been after the dog or starting the lawnmower, thanks again, Jamesgang.

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Sounds like my buddy @Mr_Wormwood has you covered. Pruning gets easier every time you grow! I save or compost all trimmings.

Nerve to late, trim and lollipop asap.
Happy gardening

Well, JaneQP and Derf02368, thank you both for taking time to stop by as well. I am feeling better about this . Ok, does it matter if I do the trimming in the daytime or evening, and would it be too much to go through and take all those leaves in one trimming?. Thank you all once again, it’s just 85 deg today, so I guess it’s time to go dig up and pull nut grass, a losing battle really, pull as much as I like and it only makes it angry!, in 3 days it will be back with help should I decide to keep it up. jamesgang

Sorry to add more to your learning curve. I see tons of white spots, speckled perforations on those lower leaves. Did you just dust them with something? Otherwise, I’d check those babies for spider mites. Also, look for little spiderweb like clusters on undersides of leaves… The little shits visit these plants often, easy to kill but must be persistent and observant to spot em before its a full on invasion.

Pet_de_Chien, no sorry necessary, that’s why I am here. yeah I had a free tomato pop up right in the middle of where my squash was going to go so I dug it up and it went into a 10 gallon bucket and everything looked great until the leaves looked like I overwatered, or too many vitamins?, maybe ‘cause it came up on it’s own when we weren’t getting sun. I let it go, too much on my plate already. then one day while watering I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, it was so covered in those webs I ran in and grabbed a large trash bag and uprooted that tomato into the bag dirt and all and into the trash bin. I flooded the yard and washed everything down and when it all dried up I used one of the crank type DE spreaders and I almost made it look like it snowed. That tomato was about 30’ from that screened room where the cookies and cream cheese is but I’ve heard some nasty shit about those mites so I tried to dust everything in sight. I have to stop dusting the DE now that the pistils have appeared don’t I ?. Thank you, Jamesgang.

NO you don’t if you have a need for it, it can be rinsed off, but DE is more for effective soil based pests Slugs, Fungus Gnats…in theory as they crawl across them, it allegedly slices them open (but I suppose if it sticks to the stems and leaves it could be effective). SO Spider mites are a different basturd in their own and they live on the underside of the leaves mostly. I’ve had luck with Capt. Jacks - Spinosad (bilogical safe for humans to day of harvest), Pyrethrin(Chrysanthemum flower) and Neem but now I almost always keep a half gallon pump sprayer with Capt Jacks and spray as a Preventative measure. Those you spray on wait a couple days and repeat. You should also search “washing bud” and learn that process for later once you decide to spray. Good general practice, but necessary if you spray


Also there’s an organic product called GrowSafe look into that I know @Lacewing swears by it and I’m on board now also :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:


@grizZz thanks for the tag …


I’m gonna have to give it a try… Powdery Mildew on my cucs/zucs/squash, Plus it’ll kill bugs…:+1::+1:
It obviously leaves an oil residue as part of its protective function, I’m not so sure I’d use it past veg… What’s your experience with oil degradation or ability to H2O2 wash residual taste.
Also I note conflicting shelf life…the jars label says 6 months their website technical data says 1 month.

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Shelf life of the product is 6 months once opened kept refrigerated …
The old version was only good for a month …

However anything you mix up should be used within 24 hours

As far as there being an oil left behind I experienced nothing like that …as this product kills on contact. it somehow allows water and oil to mix by the way of an emulsion …once sprayed on your plants it just drips off

I am sure tho since it’s plant oils it can be easily washed off with h2o2

I have zero experience with tasting any buds it was sprayed on as I used it in veg on a plant that turned out to be male …however it was a large plant and had a decent infestation of aphids going …I applied it twice and never had to use it again …

They have the best customer support I have ever experienced in my life buying anything tho …

Buy it
Once you get it call the phone number …a person will actually answer …

He will let you ask him anything you want …
He will also give you his personal cell number and let you text him whenever you need to …

If you are dis satisfied for any reason they refund your money …

The do however say that it’s safe to use until harvest …and ge sells the product commercially to grow operations in California

There’s their website …

I don’t work for them or get anything from them for anything like trying to get people to buy it …

I just know it worked really good on aphids

Lemme know if you try it !!!

Also you can buy it on Amazon
I just posted the link so you can see what they are about !!

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Thank you, and I will. That is the website I was reading the MSDS and tech bulletins.

Sorry to the OP for littering your thread, we are all learning something new.

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@Pet_de_Chien lol no worries and yes I second the post hijacking !! I would never mind but I do apologize
Also the trick is to mix up as little as possible …and this way it’s not wasted …

There are too many great people here …

Lol wait is that possible haha noooo…

I’m seriously saying there are many many knowledgeable friendly people here

People that have no idea how many people they are helping …by just being able to read what they’ve posted to others and about their own grows !!

My favorite place on the internet !!

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I’ve trimmed day and night and didn’t see a difference. I prefer just to take a few leaves every 2-3 days instead of one big trim. Others prefer the one big trim and somewhere on this site there are posts about what weeks are best for big trims.

Like I said I take few leaves every couple of days thinking it might cause less stress on the plant. Not sure if there is any truth in my belief.

Best to you!

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