Too late for low stress training?

My gorilla glue auto is in pre flower right at the end of 3 weeks and I didn’t know anything about low stress training before now and I’m wondering if it’s too late to start to try and increase my yield?

My opinion is that she is too young for LST. LST is generally used to increase light penetration and airflow, neither of which the plant needs help with at this point.

Not really a good idea to do LST for the sake of LST. There is a fair chance that you may reduce yield rather than improve it with an auto if it is overdone. Be careful training an auto. They are best left to do their own thing.


I am in the middle of my first grow indoors and out.
I have but 1 plant outdoors that is as nature intended and I’m here to post another flea brained idea regarding my belief that 3.5 months of experience can somehow improve upon what millions of years could not.
Alas I was cruising the thread titles to be sure I wasn’t posting something that’s already been addressed when I spotted this.
Not that you care what I think,nor do I assume you do,but my two cents is as follows:
If you’re askin’, you should let her ride au natural’ and read /watch everything you have time for regarding LST and keep in touch with your plant and watch the small nuances from day to day , keep a log so you can accurately identify causes should something you did or provided was amiss.
You’ll become comfortable with the LST concepts the more you watch and tinker.
Pull a tomato out of the fridge for a sammich and it has a vine on it,dont toss it,yet.practice manipulatin’ that dude without destroying it.
Anyway, Don’t rush into something you may regret,why push it…

She’s a survivor.

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