Too late for dry nutes?

I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m learning a lot! My plant has been flowering a couple of weeks and I was wondering if it was too late to try some dry nutes? My plant is an autoflower white widow. And if you see anything more issues can you tell so I can try and fix it please… Thanks!!

What light are you using? And can you get a close up or better picture please?

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Nope if you water with unsulphured molasses youll boost the microbe density enough to benefit from dry nutes in as little is a week assuming your medium isnt inert



The light is a Sun1000 or something :woman_shrugging:t6: got it off Amazon. It was like 80 bucks.

I am a new grower as well. Your plant looks good to me and I wish I was more familiar with dry nutes. I will say that you will need to add some kind of nutrient to that plant in flowering stage. What soil are you using for that Autoflower?

These are the two soils I mixed at a 50/50 ratio and those are the nutrients I started using when the leaves changed color after veg state. I see a lot of growers using the dry nutes and watering with recharge around this time and so I wanna know should I do the same?

You said it was an auto, idk about dry nutes. But I would think it might be too late. If it’s been flowering a couple weeks already it’s probably getting close to finishing in another week or 2.
But as I said, I dont know about dry nutes… i use the fox farm trio.

Ok thank you I think umma just water wit the molasses till harvest but I am gonna try that fox farm trio next time for sure

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Just remember if your doing autos to start your nutes at 1/4 strength. And up them from there if you need to. Just watch how your ladies respond.

@EboniStaxx; Welcome to the community. There lookin good.