Too late for bag seeds?

I just got 8 bag seeds from a friend. a couple look kind fo dodgy. They came from various and sundry bags of pretty good outdoor stuff from California. I am guessing that they are photo seeds. I live in central Florida, but plan to move to Georgia This would be my first attempt ever eat any kind of grow. Well, second, if you count planting bag seed ion a wooded lot in 1979 that got 4 leaves before being eaten by a squirrel.:blush: Anything I plant now would not survive even if it wa because I had to tear out a plant early. Should I try to sprout one or two just to lean that part of the process?


Sure, why not. What you got to lose?

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If start them all. Theoretically 1/2 will be male.

Will it be indoor or outdoor? If outdoor is it the correct time of year for it?
I say go for it, they were free so it you get something that is a bonus.

a good average time for a regular photoperiod plant is 3+ months. if you can’t take it with you…best to wait till you are settled in.

Outdoor. After hearing how much I should be spending on a really good light step, I think outdoor or small greenhouse is the way to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. I stuck all 8 in the Jiffy peat pods. I would say at least two of them look like they will never sprout. Bad size, bad color etc. Four look pretty good and the other two marginal. Fingers crossed.

So going on 5 days and not a peep. I had the little box outside for a while for tow days and I ma worried that I may have fried the seeds. I that been very hot. Am I just being impatient? How long before I declare these seeds to be dead?

So are you saying that using peat pellets instead of his method will guarantee that seeds will never germinate?

No, just wanted to give the information that most around here use to germinate. If this time is unsuccessful, here is another method that for me is proven.

Of course, go for it

Meh, none of them were alive. I asked after tha fact and try friend said that the seeds had been in the desk drawer in his hot paint shop for well over a year, maybe 2 or more. Dead as Marley’s ghost.