Too hot outside! Move her inside? Light?

The True OG clone we bought at the dispo is coming along fine, with the help of this very useful forum. We didn’t put it in the ground, but transplanted the coir directly into a small pot and began the hardening process. We hope to start with Fox Farms fertilizer this weekend.

Question: it is blazing, triple-digits hot this weekend in SoCal where we live. I’ve read that excessive heat slows or even stops the growing process, so we’re considering bringing her inside, where it’s a cozy 75-80. Good idea?

Also, we don’t have any grow lights, but we do have a 25-watt work light from Home Depot with an output of 2100 lumens, according to the label. Since we just have the one plant, would this suffice? If so, how far away from the top of the plant should we set the light?

Thanks, everybody!


If it’s the same light I have they burn hot be sure to check the distance closely. Hold your hand over the top of the plant if you can feel heat from the lights it’s too close

Looks thirsty. Is there a shadier area you can put them outside? Even in the shade she’ll be better off than under a shop light.

She’s in a sunny window right now, looking pretty and perky, but that direct sunlight will only last for another couple of hours. I thought cannabis needed at least 12 hours sunlight to grow properly, that’s why I thought that the supplemental shop light would work. It’s over a hundred in the shade, but you think she’d be better off there, with no direct light source?

The light will keep it in veg mode but may not do much for growth. Same with the window. A lot of light gets filtered out from widows. They’ll grow in 100* temps. They are weeds after all. Maybe move them to shade when they start looking tired. People that plant in the ground don’t have an option to move them and they still do their thing. They’ll just require more water as they’re going to be drinking it up at a faster pace.

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Thanks, Bobby!

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That’s a really weak light a seedling would need at least 3 of those if you really want to bring it in for awhile I’d recommend this budget light thatll keep you good until flower but I agree with Bobby MJ plants origins are arid and super hot typically so they’ll be fine and I’d only worry if you start getting burned leaves

Thanks, Green. Great tip.

It’s not impossible to grow it outside but you’ll need have to shade that baby for a couple months from 11-3 pm. That’s can’t handle that intense midday sun just yet. I would veg it indoor with a a light till she really takes off where she can use the handle the energy the sun gives but more important use it as well.