Too high of ph. Sad ladies

Accidentally fed my ladies too high of ph for a few a few feeds in a row.

Noticed clawing and sad plants. The ph was supposed to be 6.0 but in all reality it was like 8!!!

How should I go about correcting the problem?

Should I just feed normally adjusting ph to 6.0?

Thank you

I know more experienced people will chime in so Don’t do this it might be wrong, but I Think, your best bet would be flushing with ph 6.5 -6.0. When I say flush runs 3x amount of water to size of your pots. I would think that should get your soil back to where it needs to be. Also how old are your girls. What are the size of your pots, and what type of soil did you use. Those are 3 questions that would need to be answered to hopefully give you a better answer

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Thanks for the response.

They are a month old in 7 gallon pots using promix hpcc.

Went to check my ph for in plain water and noticed the calibration was way off. I did this because my plants were exhibiting symptoms of something. Everything else was dialed in besides the ph.

I wanted to go into flower but now I wanna resolve this issue and get them healthier.

@Buttercup726 I recommended first just water plain water check you runoff if said 8 or more you should just give pH water BTW 5.8 to 6.5 and check you runoff if you pH is on that rank you back to the action

Happy growing


I’d try correcting my error and then moving on. Just get her back on schedule…


From what I remember promix hp is similar to coco I believe its primarily peat based medium and is just like growing in coco in that case you wana keep your ph range between 5.8 and 6.2 to address any type of nutrient/salt build up in the medium just flush with plain distilled or ro water ph’d at 5.8 remember water with a TDS reading of under 100ppm wont give you a accurate ph reading it will bounce up and down so make sure you have a minimum TDS reading of 100ppm then ph the water depending on the size of the pot you are in id run 2 to 3 gallons of water through the pots then take a ph and tds reading of the run off if its still off continue till correct

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Check your runoff pH. If it is okay don’t worry about it. Do a flush if it is out of range (~5.8 for coco or ~6.5 for soil, give or take a few tenths.)


Ok. Will do. I’ll do a decent size flush and check the run off hopefully this will correct it

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