Too early to try a nug?


Is it way too early to try a nug? Smells so good and I have a small lower branch that I fractured while rotating. Probably no buzz and taste like shit?

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My 2 cents worth…I dried and smoked a couple at that stage during my first grow (about 10 months ago).

It was not worth the butane it took to fire it up LOL

That said, go for it, it won’t hurt anything.

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You can’t even call those nugs, sorry. You have weeks to go before you can taste test


@HornHead @merlin44
I know…patience grasshopper…

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I have posted this before…
This whole process is a test in patience IMO
#1 Wait for seeds to arrive
#2 Wait for seeds to germinate
#3 Wait for seeds to emerge
#4 Wait for seedlings to make leaves
#5 Wait for plants grow
#6 Wait for white pistils to appear
#7 Wait for buds to form
#8 Wait for triches to appear
#9 Wait for pistils to change color
#10 Wait for triches to turn cloudy
#11 Wait for buds to dry
#12 Wait for buds to cure
#13 Wait for buzz to hit!
In summary, wait, wait, and wait some more… @Originalgazelle


@merlin44 @HornHead
I guess I’ll just have to spend some time with them tonight and ask them to grow faster.



Or, just spend time with them because they are fun to watch - a bit boring for some, I suppose, but I certainly enjoy just sitting and looking at them. LOL


I f you are sitting looking at them …that means the C02 you breath out is feeding your plants, which is a good thing :+1:


Sitting talking to them = good thing
Sitting licking them = not so good thing
Dont ask me how I learned this.


I learned this with bus windows too :rofl::rofl::rofl:


#12.1.1 roll a fattie
#12.1.2 smoke said fattie

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You need to add 7-10 days dry then 30 days cure on to your grow time “Ficking sucks I know” So even after you cut the plant down it shouldn’t be smoked for at least a month

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Mine must be reall full then. Lol

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When a bud’s mature, cut it off, stick it in the oven at less then 170’ f for 15 minutes to half an hour, then smoke it. It’ll probably taste better than the dealers, mine did.


Welcome to the forum Theresa! This is my first grow and without question, I would not have made it this far without the support and tutelage from the other members. I will not purchase smoke again unless it is an absolute necessity.