Too early to top or fimm?

Thinking about topping or fimming this one, just transplanted and possibly have some leaf discoloring- waiting on a pH meter - just not sure if it would shock it too much a week after transplanting. Any advice?

I wouldn’t stress her out anymore until you’ve got your ph under control. Be sure to check your runoff. If she was 100 I’d totally tell you to start topping or starting any LST, until then be patient and keep a watchful eye.

Take account for the soil you have her in your eating schedule etc etc

Happy growing

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Is it an auto or photo

Thank you! I just wanna do it so badly lol. pH meter should be here tmrw - will be able to check it soon - don’t wanna rush & over water again just to get the reading…

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Regular ole photo, also thinking about waiting a bit to get a clone from the top… if I don’t fimm…

You can top any time.